If it wasn’t for that biting cold wind.

It is colder today than previous in the week but it could have been rather nice if it hadn’t been for the biting cold northern wind. It eats its way through the clothes, I noticed that when we took our morning walk in the fields. Still, as soon as we were out of winds reach […]

At least I tried.

  Both the Swedish and Norwegian weather sites said we had a clear blue sky without any clouds when we went out this morning. The truth however was the it was very grey and cloudy with only tiny patches showing the blue sky. They had gotten the temperature right though and it was slightly chilly. […]

Hard to dress days like these :-)

  Rather cold when I drove to work this morning and the ice on the car windows sat firmly so it took a while to scrape it off. After that however the sun shone and it became rather warm. The work day trook forever since all we all wanted was to go outside to enjoy […]

The sun just keeps on shining.

  The day has been amazing but I haven’t enjoyed much of it since I woked most of it. Still we did get a really nice walk after work and it was so warm that I could have left the jacket at home. We walked down to the creek and I could see a lot […]

I doubt winter will arrive any time soon.

  Another sunny and warm day here but since I was working I didn’t see much of that. The clouds arrived when I drove homewards but since the wind was calm we still had a really nice walk. We got some info about how the company I work for might handle the day we don’t […]

Finally the wind has calmed down.

  Same sunny weather here today but with much less wind. A bit colder in the early morning today though but that can’t be felt when walking in the sunshine. We walked in the fields and then in to the village this morning too but in the opposite direction than we did yesterday. I could […]

It woke up a cold day.

  I can’t see a single cloud in the sky and it would have been wondereful if it hadn’t been for that cold biting wind we have. It barely reach my home but even if it is weak it destroys the day so one rather stay indoors. Much nicer in the early morning just after […]