Back to rain again.

  I think I might have a small cold going on. Can’t say I feel especially sick but I have a stuffed nose and I’m pretty sure that since it is raining all the time that it isn’t any kind of pollen allergies going on. Also the minute I came home after ork yesterday I […]

So strange weather :-) :-)

  It’s so strange! We haven’t had any rain today! We have actually mostly had sunshine and rather nice temperatures. It’ll be much the same tomorrow when I’m working but as soon as I’m back on vacation the clouds and rain will return πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ The morning was chilly though and that’s what I like. […]

A lazy thunderstorm.

  A thunderstorm is passing by, a lazy one to be honest. No heavy shoers but more like a gentle summer rain and the lightnings are few and far between. Still it’s kind of nice and since it still isn’t especially close I can go outside to get some fresh air if I feel like […]

A tad chilly in the morning.

  3,5 C (38,3 F) here when we went out for our walk this morning. The sun was rising though so I didn’t wear any thicker than a t-shirt. I had hoped for fog because the evening before had ended with it. I looked out over the pasture outside my cottage and felt a bit […]

It didn’t take long until I disliked it :-)

  So I got my new mobile phone today, thankfully I could use the old SIM card so I could start using it immediately. To be honest, the phone is relatively easy to understand but just to have to go through the introductions, chosing all different kinds of passwords to be able to even start […]

A bit too chilly.

  The temperature has just passed 10C (50F) and it’s almost 8:30 am. We’ve had a chilly but sunny morning today but the weather is about to change to cloudy and rainy later again today. It’ll reach 15C (59F) if we’re lucky as warmest. I must say I did enjoy the chilly morning walk but […]

They turn at the door.

  It’s pouring down and has done so since we woke up just after 4 am. There was a short moment when it only was a light summer rain so that’s when we went out on our morning walk. Didn’t last for long though so we came home soaking wet πŸ™‚ I doubt that we’ll […]


  Someone is farting sulfur and evil but it isn’t me. My guess is that it is Albin because he once again has eczema so he has found something to eat that he’s allergic towards and that is most edible things in this world. Today was the last day before my vacation starts πŸ™‚ I […]

The closer I came the worse the weather was.

  We had nice and sunny weather here at home yesterday when I drove to the hospital in SkΓΆvde. The closer I got the worse the weather became and not only were there heavy showers but strong winds as well so the rain mostmly came sideways πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I had brought a camera but I […]