Another week is over.

It was quite warm last night when I went to bed so I didn’t think we would have below freezing point temperature this morning. The sky had however cleared up so just before the sun rose the temperature dropped a lot. I didn’t mind but thought that perhaps the moose flies wouldn’t be as calm […]

Two more framed photos.

I was right about it being below freezing this morning, well below actually. It had sunken down to almost -5C (23F). We also had a clear sky so we did get morning fog as well 🙂 So we went out just before the sun was about to rise and it was pretty nice walking around […]

Now I’ll see far at night.

Cold again last night and it feels like it’s going to be the same this coming night as well. The weather sites says just above freezing point and that usually means a bit below here in little Siberia.  We might even get a sunny morning so with a bit of luck that means ground fog […]

Winter tires on.

I now have winter tires on my car, a bit early perhaps but I really don’t weant to be amongst those who gets surprised that winters arrive this year too 🙂 Then suddenly they all drive to all the garages trying to get help to changhe from summer tires to winter tires. Most of them […]

Scraping ice in the early morning.

It was a bit chilly here this morning, -3 C (26,6 F) and I had to scrape the car windows. The sky was clear and I could see lots of stars up there in the sky. I must admit that I was a bit surprised because nothing the evening before showed signs of it being […]

It’s a do nothing day.

It is pouring down outside and they say it’ll continue to do so for a bigger part of the day. Days like these I really could do a lot of things, like cleaning the cottage, doing the dishes or laundry but why should I when I can sit still, watching bad tv and complain about […]

I managed to delete all my photos taken today 🙂 🙂 They weren’t any master pieces but they did show that the sun for once shone when I came home after work and that has been rare this autumn. Well I have lots of photos in the “For a rainy day” folder and perhaps I […]

I came home early today. I stopped working at two pm because I had to get the car inspected again after the dic break was changed and the new bulb was put in. Before I did that however I went to the garage because there was another thing they told me at the inspection last […]

I’ve never done it that fast before.

  The weather has been really mixed here these last days, everything from no wind to almost storm, sunshine to heavy showers or steady rain in buckets. Today it rained almost all day and we didn’t take any walk after work because I couldn’t figure out if it would pour down or if we would […]