The days are getting longer.

The sun shows itsef four minutes longer every day now (well if there aren’t any clouds that is) and today I saw the most beautiful evening sky on my way home after work. The sun had set (eight minutes before I stopped working) but there were thin clouds up in the sky that got colored […]

A bit annoyed this morning.

  The hunters forgot to send me a message that they were going to hunt here today so I honestly didn’t care at all and walked that way anyway. All I wanted to do was to quickly walk down to the fields and out of their way before they had started. One hunter came to […]

A slow day.

  Nothing much has happened today, we woke up early and as soon as it was bright enough we took a short walk. The sun has made an apearance today but mostly through thin clouds but I’m just happy it didn’t rain and that it was fairly calm for once. The rather unusually warm weather […]

Bertil was very uneasy.

  What ever it is I have is slowly losing its grip on me, can’t pretend I’m feeling ok but it is better. Still very tired all the time though but not as much as earlier this week. So the dogs, Bertil and I took a short walk when it had stopped to rain, I […]

Storms passing by.

  My stomach seems to have died during the night towards Monday and by the smell of it I’m pretty sure it didn’t go to heaven 🙂 🙂 🙂 So I have done very little, mostly been sleeping to be honest. It is going the right way but I am still rather tired. A storm […]

It is beating me down.

  The sun did eventually show itself today but the morning was grey and rainy. It wasn’t that bad when we were walking out of wwinds reach but it was nasty when we were walking by the open fields. The water had finally started to dry up on the roads and in the fields but […]